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Leadership Lessons From a Little Snow

Originally posted on ChrisHuff.Net:
My friend Jimmy shared 3 observations…or leadership lessons…that came out of the traffic meltdown in Atlanta this week.  I thought they were worth sharing: 1) People generally made good decisions, but they made them too…

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Using Earned Value

This post is the continuation of a series of articles I started last year on measuring performance beyond the traditional approach. So if you’ve read”Getting to the Nuts and Bolts”, and the subsequent posts on the WBS, RAMs,and the OBS,

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To all my readers

Sorry to have been away for so long, I’ll be blogging a continuation of my project management articles soon! thanks for being a follower and see you soon.

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Organization and RAMs

An Organizational Breakdown Structure. If you read my post “Getting to the Nuts & Bolts” then this is the continuation of that post. I’ll discuss the Organizational Breakdown Structure or the OBS, and the Resource Assignment Matrix or RAM. We’ve

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When Pressure Builds…

Originally posted on ChrisHuff.Net:
I am in the middle of a project that has created a large amount of internal pressure. Due to the size and scope of the project (over 4,000 volunteers in hundreds of teams across a…

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Jesus was a Follower

Great read from Dan. Servitude leadership is something missing in many places today.

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Getting to the Nuts & and Bolts

The Work Breakdown Structure. In my earlier posts I started to describe all the fundamental organization necessary to use an Earned Value method for performance measurement. I wanted to describe a way to measure how well a team performs using

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Pointers for Starting a Project Using EVM

Getting Started This is a continuation of the posts I’ve published earlier using Earned Value Management as an alternative to what I call the “traditional approach” to performance measurement. When starting a project using (EVM) there are several things that

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Beyond the “Traditional Approach to Performance”.

The Triple Constraint. One of the fundamental concepts of all project management is the idea of the triple constraint. Since basic project management revolves around this concept, and earn value relies on using the triple constraint I’ll describe it here.

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ISS Passes the Torch of Flame Studies | NASA

I can still remember a time when only two or three persons were in orbit above Earth. The current ISS expedition has nine astronauts/cosmonauts on the station plus a robot. ISS Passes the Torch of Flame Studies | NASA.

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