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ISS Passes the Torch of Flame Studies | NASA

I can still remember a time when only two or three persons were in orbit above Earth. The current ISS expedition has nine astronauts/cosmonauts on the station plus a robot. ISS Passes the Torch of Flame Studies | NASA. Advertisements

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A personal project bucket list

We’ve all been asked at one point or another in our careers, what’s your perfect job? Or, when you grow up what do you envision as the one thing you’d like to be, or do? I’ve been blessed to have

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Project Schedule Creation – Part 2

This article is the continuation of the previous project schedule creation article published on Sept 9th 2013. PDM and ADM There are two commonly used methods to document and develop task sequencing and relationships. These are called the Precedence Diagramming

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Project Schedule Creation

This is the next post in a series of articles related to project scheduling. Although they sound like similar items, planning a project and designing a schedule from the plan are two different events. When the Project Manager gathers the

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Planning for Success – Using a Schedule

“There cannot be a crises next week, my schedule is already full”. Henry Kissinger.   You’ve just been handed a new important project, and you need it to be successfully executed but you’re struggling with the cartoon chart handed to you

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I love geeky Space X project stuff

I’m a sucker for new innovation, even if it’s not in my immediate line of business. Space X is a very innovative space transportation firm in the United Sates. I love watching the videos they have on the You Tube

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Using Six S methods in Project Management

In today’s technologically advanced society, the majority of engineers are familiar with Six Sigma, methodologies and their application to design, improve, and sustain product quality. People in disciplines not necessarily associated with engineering, but involved with manufacturing, health care, production,

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Ready, set, project plan

People not associated with project management probably think that elaborate plans are set forth when planning a major project. My experience has been a little less so on the “elaborate” part. Even costly and complicated projects can fall victim to

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